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12 Guiding Principles for Coaches and Facilitators

  1. Value your client’s learning process more than you value your own expert knowledge.
  2. Make sure your client or participant is talking more than you.
  3. Speak less and speak simply, only one question or reflection at a time.
  4. Balance questions and reflections so that your client or participant does not feel they are being interrogated.
  5. Be the change you seek, model the behaviours you want to see.
  6. Hold unconditional positive regard for your client or participant, do not judge or criticise.
  7. Have a respectful understanding of another person’s experiences, feelings, needs and desires.
  8. Never dominate the conversation in your eagerness to help, but always try to remain humble.
  9. Trust and rapport are not earned once and for all. They are won or lost, during every moment of the conversation.
  10. Under-promise and over-deliver, always.
  11. Let your client or participant find the answers, assist them to acquire knowledge.
  12. Be honest, share and explore what is there with courage. Step into the fire.

If you’d like some support to help you become a better business coach or facilitator for your clients, speak to our Remarkable Results team, we’re masters in facilitation and training. Contact us today.

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