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5 Essentials for Outstanding Facilitation

Outstanding facilitation is born out of effective communication. Your ability to communicate with your audience, ask the right questions at the right time, as well as paraphrase, summarise and emphasise will see you deliver relevant and insightful experiences for your participants.

Here are five necessities for successful facilitation:

  1. Deliver value – Focus on the value the participants want out of the session – value as defined by the participants.
  2. Master asking better questions – Questions are essential to engaging your audience. Make an effort to master asking questions that are relevant and targeted in order to extract information to identify the root of their issues, promote thought, and inspire discussion for better understanding.
  3. Master paraphrasing, summarising and empathising – The key to successful facilitation is locking your focus to your audience. This is not about you, it is about them. Your role is to provoke thought, guide discussion and facilitate learning of behavioural concepts and skills relevant to them. Rather than imposing your ideas and generic examples, master the art of paraphrasing, summarising and empathising with your participants, to provide a more meaningful and impactful learning experience.
  4. Move past fear – Let go of pre-determined outcomes. While preparation is essential for all facilitators, have the courage to have no pre-set directions and curriculum. Rather, ask questions and let the participants’ answers and needs dictate the direction of the lesson. Encourage participation and free discussion, while tying it back in to the core skills and behaviours you’re there to develop.
  5. Encourage personal responsibility – Successful facilitation inspires and encourages increased personal responsibility for the learning journey and tangible action by the participant. Learning doesn’t stop when they leave the session – they must use their initiative to continue to embed and reinforce their learnings on a day-to-day basis thereafter for it to be truly effective.

If you’re looking for an experienced facilitator or trainer for your business, speak to our Remarkable Results team, we’re masters in facilitation and training. Contact us today.

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