About Remarkable Results

Creating better sales leaders and teams

About Remarkable Results

Creating better sales leaders and teams

Can you guarantee consistent sales team results?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could guarantee a minimum of 80% of your team hitting 100% of their sales target ALL the time.

Why only 80%?

Because 10% of your team you are ramping up and 10% you are ramping out. This is possible and with my help, you can start seeing results in less than 3 months.

Our approach to driving remarkable results is simple.

When you know which sales management practices have the greatest IMPACT on sales success, WHAT great sales managers do differently, HOW they do it and WHY they do it, then you will have the knowledge and tools to improve team performance.

Our training and coaching provides the toolset, skillset and mindset to quickly transform team performance and start seeing predictable results, year after year.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a new Sales Manager who wants to develop your sales management capability
  • You’re an experienced Sales Manager who delivers inconsistent or average results
  • You’re done with hoping to see performance improvements after the company’s next sales training event.
  • You want the competitive edge to reach your career goals and personal aspirations.
  • You’re ready to master the art of sales management and become a high performing sales manager or leader.

I coach Sales Managers like you to become in-demand Sales Managers. This is possible and with the right coaching and my proven sales management practices, you could start seeing results in less than 3 months.

Hi, I’m Mark Edwards

I’ve been making life easy for sales managers for over 15 years and I love helping them confidently and consistently smash their targets! 🎯

Why do some sales teams always hit their target while other sales managers are left riding the feast and famine cycle? The sales industry has been trying to solve this question for decades and has struggled to clearly define which sales management practices directly lead to sales team results. This has meant that traditional sales training events fail to transfer into real results. Ultimately sales directors and HR leaders are left feeling sceptical about the sales training industry, and sales managers feeling frustrated and stressed about not hitting the next quarterly target.

Throughout my 20-year career as a Sales Manager, I was able to master the art of selling and sales management and quickly become a top performing sales manager. During this time, I developed global sales academies for some of the world’s largest corporations and trained thousands of sellers and sales managers. Whilst working within the industry alongside some of the best sales training organisations, I formed a theory that the only factor that makes a real difference to team and individual sales performance is a sales manager who can lead well, be a great manager of process and coach and train their own staff.

In 2015, Remarkable Results embarked on a research project to prove this theory. With the support of performance research company, Integrated Development Australia (IDA), we were able to define which sales management practices have the greatest impact on sales success, and those which have the least impact. We surveyed 160 sales managers from 14 multi-national companies and the findings were clear – you can drive consistent and predictable sales team results.

Sales Management capability is something I’ve been passionate about for more than 20 years. With the research data and a proven framework, I now coach sales managers on how to use this framework to transform peak performance and drive massive upturns in revenue and business outcomes. My training and coaching methods are proven to guarantee results, year in year out, and help you become an in-demand Sales Manager.

We offer:

🚀 Sales Management Resources
🚀 Sales Manager Coaching
🚀 Executive Sales Coaching
🚀 Leadership Coaching
🚀 Organisational Training/Facilitation

Get started by downloading our free Sales Manager Toolkit or scheduling a 15 minute call to discuss how I can help you improve performance.

Mark Edwards from remarkable Results

“Each year, companies invest millions of dollars into training their salespeople in what ‘the best sellers do’ to achieve sales excellence. And the result? Disappointing at best.

Now, with the research data and proven methods, we’re confident we can help more sales managers guarantee 80 percent of their sales team consistently hitting 100 percent of their sales target.” Mark Edwards

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