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How to select the best training partners for your organisation

With the ever-changing technological landscape, and the pressure to account for every dollar and prove a return on your investment, it is important that you take the time to find external partners who have your organisation’s goals and objectives at heart – and who can deliver market-leading corporate training services.

Here are eight things to consider when assessing which External Training Partner is best fit for your organisation:

  1. Your best interests at heart – Your ideal external training partner will operate with your best interests at heart. Make sure they conduct thorough, objective and relevant needs analysis’ that is designed to deliver your desired outcomes, not simply set themselves up to sell you their pre-designed solutions. Many organisations purport to offer you customised material, which is not much more than a rebranding of what they already have on the shelf.
  2. Flexible design delivery – Time is a valuable commodity in all organisations these days, so make sure your external training partner promotes flexible design delivery allowing for short, modular peer and leader-led learning.
  3. End to end delivery, embedding and follow up – Look out for external training partners that include a full end-to-end approach of pre-training diagnostics, an engaging and interactive training experience, followed by post-training reinforcement that supports and embeds key skills.
  4. Post-training measurement – It is important for external training partners to be transparent and accountable for their training processes and outcomes. Post-training measurement is redundant if it is not used to immediately shape changes to the knowledge plan. The information gleaned from this process is only as valuable as the changes that are informed and executed by it.
  5. Outcomes driven – It is essential that you partner with outcome driven external training consultants. Learner outcomes in their service to you must be given a higher priority than their revenue targets.
  6. Client driven – You are the client. Look for partners who are client driven, focused on giving you what you want, exactly how you want it and when you want it. Client driven does not mean good customer service either, it means your organisation is steering the ship.
  7. No “Yes-people” – A true partnership thrives on trust and mutual respect. Surrounding yourself with partners who agree with your thoughts and discussions may be easy to deal with at first, but will not deliver the high-performing outcomes you require and deserve. Look for fearless consultants who don’t censor in giving you feedback and don’t avoid difficult issues.
  8. Forward thinking – An ideal partner is one who is forward thinking – providing insight and ideas on alternative approaches to learning and development within your organisation. Change and forward progression is essential for a thriving organisation, so having an external training partner who is not shackled by traditional delivery systems is a valuable asset to your organisation.

If you’re looking for an experienced facilitator or trainer for your business, speak to our Remarkable Results team, we’re masters in facilitation and training. Contact us today.

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