Peak Performance Coaching for B2B Sales Managers

The Peak Method

Peak Performance Coaching for B2B Sales Managers

The Peak Method

Imagine: All of your B2B Sales Team hitting or exceeding target in less than three months WITH more time and freedom!

The Peak Method coaching program helps B2B Sales Managers turn average and poor performers into SALES STARS, whilst also optimising their Sales Management Operating Rhythm to free up time and energy to focus on other projects.

The Peak Method coaching program is a proven framework for peak sales team performance. We’ve helped over 1,000 B2B sales managers in over 20 countries, in just about every industry and market, smash sales team targets by helping them to develop their teams quickly and easily.

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“Exceptional! Mark is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. You couldn’t ask for any more from a Sales Management coach.“

I’ve never been more serious about anything. The Peak Method works. You absolutely can turn average and poor performers into SALES STARS, while freeing up your own time and energy to focus on other projects.

The Peak Method gives you:

The real secrets to creating conditions for massive growth within your sales team. You will support individual team members to meet sales challenges and help them learn and grow autonomously, which means no more fear of team missing targets and a stress-free sense of deep satisfaction in seeing your team succeed.

Discover the world’s best, gold standard, scientifically validated benchmark of what great Sales Management practice looks like. Learn to quickly optimise your Sales Management Activity Rhythm to massively scale team results. You will drive consistent peak performance in the team without risking burnout as well as freeing up your time by reducing and eliminating low value activities

The fastest path to unlocking discretionary effort from team members. Positively reinforce behavioural change in a way that makes it stick forever! No more wasted time and sales training dollars!

Strengthen your team’s growth culture. Develop your team to easily meet stretch targets and close the gap quickly if a major deal falls out of the pipeline. Let go of fear and anxiety about team performance, discover the joys of life balance and free up time to complete other projects such as your side hustle.

Eliminate wasted effort in sales team such as over process, re-work and delays. Free up time and resources to focus on what matters most such as diverting time and resources to ‘must win deals’ without limiting the flow of new opportunities into the pipeline so you never have to fear the pipeline.

Learn to perform rapid and accurate skills gaps analysis with team members. Develop agile development plans for individuals and for the team as a whole so everyone knows what skills and tools to focus on. This means quickly and easily addressing individual and team performance issues before they become losses in your pipeline.

Strengthen your critical field coaching techniques. Quickly identify with surgeon-like precision high impact coaching moments that save deals and deliver scalable results to ensure you close this quarter’s ‘must win’ deals efficiently and effectively.

Identify your leadership blind spots and drop the annoying habits that are holding your career back. Attain a higher level of leadership success so you can climb the ladder of success quickly and easily and be seen as a genuine and caring leader that focuses on people without compromising on results.

And in case you still have questions about the Peak Method program, we hope these Frequently Asked Questions provide the answers you seek:

My company should be paying for this, not me.

You make a good point, all companies should invest in their staff’s professional development, it is a hallmark of great organisations and rapid growth. However, if your organisation is unwilling to support you in your and your team’s growth, you need to take control of it yourself, the risk is too high of not owning your professional development. You are not risking anything by doing this as you will be financially better off (bonuses) and more employable as well (find a company that does support you, on a higher salary!). You can’t lose.

I do not have the money to pay for more training at this time.

It’s not a big investment, but we understand competing financial priorities so can talk about flexible options to help you. Most Sales Managers we work with make their money back within weeks and by the time the course is over make 10-20 times their investment back (getting those big bonuses and pay rises)

I do not have the time to learn anything new right now.

A Sales Manager’s job is demanding, and finding time to fit more tasks in is difficult for most people. However, by week one of the course, you will be working smarter, not harder with your team and find you are getting heaps of time back you thought you had lost forever.

A lot of ‘instant experts’ seem to be offering online courses, promising amazing results, I’m suspicious that you are one of those people.

I know! And this really annoys me because I have to work harder on getting my message heard amongst all of that noise. I am an expert, I have over 10,000 hours experience supporting Sales Managers to become Peak Performance Coaches, I also have the research, testimonials and results to prove it.

How do I know this actually works?

Great question! You should be getting your money and your time worth from this AND you should get what you want, when you want it and it should work every time. That’s why we offer you a money back guarantee if you don’t turn your team around in three months or less. I have never had to give someone their money back, and I work hard to make sure ALL my Sales Managers succeed, no matter what it takes.

I don’t want this to be too hard or complicated, I want it when I want it and how I want it, I don’t want to be drip-fed.

Absolutely! We hold this so close to our hearts, it’s one of our main values, “Professional development that is Easy to Access, Personally Meaningful, Deeply Memorable, Flexible and with Measurable Results at every stage”. That’s our brand promise to you.

I don’t think you know enough about my team/ industry/ market/ clients/ company to help me.

You are right, I have not met your team personally, I have however worked with over 15,000 sales people over 20 years on every continent and in every conceivable industry, market and deal size. What I know for certain is that the issues that impact peak performance and peak performance leadership are universal. Whilst each individual is unique, (and we help you to tailor the Peak Method to every individual in your team) their ‘performance psychology’ falls into certain profiles. During your onboarding process we also get you to fill in a quick questionnaire so we can quickly identify the quick wins you can apply to make immediate changes to results.

Well over $500 million dollars in increased revenue for our clients in the last five years, here is a snippet of some of our 5-star reviews.

  • ***** Very knowledgeable and great use of examples and stories to bring key messages to life. A very practical course that was very informative and effective
  • ***** “Mark consistently impresses all of us with his knowledge of and passion for sales and marketing performance improvement, coaching, facilitation and training design. He consistently delights us with his focus on providing logical, workable and operationally sound solutions to sales and marketing performance problems. Mark is a sound strategist who challenges the status quo and strives to solve old problems with fresh insight and flexible thinking.”
  • ***** I feel this was the best delivery of subject matter I have experienced in 20+ years in the industry (I have been on many, many courses over that period!!!)
  • ***** Mark tied all examples to “real life” situations & had a great way of re-engaging participants in a professional & respectful manner.
  • ***** Mark is a great coach, he provides relevant and practical examples and draws everyone on the course into the learning process. Pace was great and he constantly recaps and reinforces.
  • ***** Frequently used real life examples and allowed the attendees to lead the session direction. He acknowledged every attendee and engaged everyone in the learning.
  • ***** This was done very well, Mark asked plenty of questions and listened to responses added to them and lead the group to insight which match perfectly as this is essentially what we were trying to achieve in the course. Fantastic facilitator/ coach /mentor, I would like to attend any program he was running in the future.
  • ***** Mark was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the course. He knew how to work the room and drive the natural conversation that developed while still teaching us the essential elements of the training.
  • ***** One of the best courses I have been on, and there has been many. Mark has some great skills which he used on all of us by way of questioning, holding silence, reading body language etc. Mark was both engaging and entertaining – thank you.
  • ***** Mark was a very engaging facilitator and coach. I would have to say the best I have seen for some time. He was able to interact and adapt the learning to a group with varied skill sets and deliver the outcomes we are seeking for all participating.


Over $500 million dollars in increased revenue for our clients

Join the world’s Elite Sales Managers that enjoy stress-free career success, real financial freedom and a deeply rewarding work-life balance.

“Mark has the rare combination of intellect, insight, ability and dedication that makes him extremely effective in building strong sales teams and developing successful business leaders.” Andrew Treharne

“Mark consistently impresses all of us with his knowledge of and passion for sales and marketing performance improvement, coaching, facilitation and training design. He consistently delights us with his focus on providing logical, workable and operationally sound solutions to sales and marketing performance problems. Mark is a sound strategist who challenges the status quo and strives to solve old problems with fresh insight and flexible thinking.” Andrea Hamilton

“Mark has unrivalled passion, knowledge and insight about research-based sales transformation. It is always a delight to work with and learn from him.” Susan Donovan

Look, there has never been a more important time for you to take control of your Sales Management career. Shifts in technology, local and global economies, buying behaviour and the workforce mean that unless you learn to adapt, your career will die, and much sooner than you think.

Despite that there is massive opportunity for you Your opportunity is to join the ‘in very high demand’ elite Sales Managers of the world that get to pick and choose their career opportunities, salaries and working conditions, all because of the results they can predictably deliver.

Imagine for a second, being ‘that’ Sales Manager, a Sales Manager that can guarantees sales results, turn any poor performing team around and create wonderful working environments whilst doing it. How much in demand would YOU be with a global reputation like that?

I am deadly serious about my commitments to work alongside you to make you more financially successful, more employable and shape you into a better leader so you and your team are happier and more fulfilled at work and your family and loved ones are secure, thriving and well provided for.

My life’s work is in the service of people like you, specifically in one of the hardest professions there is, Sales Management.

More power to your pens and minds, from the fields of infinite opportunity and possibility,

mark edwards sitting at table hands clasped

Mark Edwards
Founder and Master Coach, Remarkable Results