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Business Training & Workshops

Develop Your People. Build Resilience.

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Business Training & Workshops

Develop Your People. Build Resilience.


Learn with Remarkable Results

By learning with us, you’ll benefit from our 25 years of learning and development expertise as well as our deep understanding of building resilience in organisations.


Benefit from increased innovation, accountability and collaboration from your people to drive growth in the new normal.

Market Strength

Gain a clear competitive advantage as your people learn to stay ahead of the change curve to create massive value for your customers and audience.

Future Proofing

Future proof your organisation for tomorrow’s opportunities and attract, develop and keep tomorrow’s employees.

We provide in-person leadership and facilitation training on the Sunshine Coast out of our purpose-built training room, as well as expert guided virtual group training and bespoke workshop facilitation. Contact us to request a brochure or find out how we can help you develop your leaders and teams, and build resilience for the future.

Leadership Training Programs 2021

Performance Coaching for Teams and Individuals

Unlocking Peak Performance

Do you feel that your business could achieve more or that your team could perform better? Would you like to unlock the full potential of your people, see them identifying problems and taking positive action to resolve them? Getting to the bottom of what motivates people, supporting them in their goals and leading their thinking about how to strive for peak performance in the workplace is the goal of performance coaching.

Based on neuroscience in coaching, sports psychology and solution-focused coaching, we’ll equip you with the skillset, mindset and toolset to unlock peak performance in your workplace.

This is an intensive and immersive two day course, conducted over two, one day sessions, two weeks apart to give participants the opportunity to conduct real-time coaching sessions under supervision from our Master Coach and Lead Facilitator, Mark Edwards.

This course is suitable for supervisors, team leaders, all levels of managers, business owners and anyone else who is required to coach in the workplace or is responsible for business results and outcomes.

performance coaching training
remarkable business coaching results

Enhancing Productivity with Behavioural Intelligence

Leading Productive Meetings

Are your work meetings a waste of time, don’t lead to anything and perhaps even make matters worse? Do you feel there is poor alignment and focus amongst your teams and leadership? The cause of these problems (and more) lie in the interpersonal communication behaviours we and others use in group settings. Most people are unaware of the damaging impact they have and the way they are perceived by others, when their use of these behaviours is unbalanced or lacking.

This course delivers an immersive and game-based learning experience based on the last 40 years of scientific field research in behavioural analysis and interpersonal behaviours in group dynamics.

It is an intensive two day course, suitable for all members of an organisation, from front-line staff to executive leadership groups.

Building Professional Networks for Business

Leading Business Growth

Do you find it difficult to find good talent, good suppliers or good customers? Do you envy the relationships that your competitors have with industry, markets and their customers? Are your teams getting the opportunities they need to drive your organisational growth? Most of these issues are created by weak professional networks.

Imagine a world where everything your business needs is one phone call away. Where all problems are solved by calling the right person, getting access to the right information or getting an introduction to the person you most want to talk to.

This is an intensive one day course and is suitable for anyone in an organisation that has responsibility for growing the organisation, sales/marketing directors and managers, marketing and sales teams, customer service and account managers and front-line business developers.

professional networks training
Value Training Program Result Building

Building Business Relationships

Do you worry about the quality of your internal and external business relationships? Are you concerned about the stress, low morale and low job satisfaction that poor business relationships create? Are increased employee turnover, poor customer service and lower productivity issues that plague your organisation? These issues, among others, are consequences of poor business relationships. Learning to strengthen even the most damaged business relationship is a career must for anyone who wants career or business success.

This is an intensive two day course and is suitable for all people in an organisation that have an interest in developing strong, productive and mutually supportive business relationships.

Facilitation Skills Accreditation Training

Do you worry about your management of project, team or stakeholder interactions? Do you wish you were better at inspiring your teams towards creative thinking, insight generation, conflict resolution, greater team alignment? Do you struggle in complex group situations to develop positive group action as supposed to ‘dwelling on problems’? Facilitation of group dynamics is a fundamental leadership skill often overlooked in leadership toolkits, yet the ability to harness group brain power and effort is fundamental to business success.

This is a 6 day course, delivered over three 2 day sessions with two weeks in between each of the two day sessions to allow participants time to prepare and deliver their practical facilitation activities and receive the supervision required to achieve accreditation.

Facilitation Skills Accreditation Queensland

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